For over a decade, Ameware Group has been helping businesses all over the world to solve their problems of local talent shortage, but not only. Every single project, a small feature, or an enterprise application, we approach with high commitment and exceptional professionalism. Through teamwork, respect, and drive, we build longlasting transparent relationships with the clients.

Ameware Group is based in the Republic of Ireland, and we have been successfully working with clients worldwide. No matter the timezone, whatever it is the USA, Australia, or Italy, we approach individually each one of our clients and adapt.

What services do you provide?

Ameware Group offers a wide range of solutions, including Project-based ones, Dedicated Teams, Team Extensions, Consulting services. All of it and more are provided within a vast variety of technologies such as Java, Spring, Python, PHP, databases, DevOps, AWS, Mobile, QA, Design, Web, JavaScript, Scala, Groovy, Angular, Node.js, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish, IBM Websphere, MuleESB, Django, Ruby, and etc.

What IT specialists can you offer for my project?

Our tech expert will analyze your requirement, interview and select the most experienced in your industry and technologies specialists. We have a solid range of candidates of different seniority: Full-stack developers, Backend developers, Frontend developers, Mobile Developers, Software Architects, QA engineers, DevOps, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Software Analysts, Support.

What is the price for hiring?

We analyze your project requirements, interview and select the most talented and suited professionals for you free of charge. You don’t need to pay anything if you’re not happy with provided candidates. If you’re satisfied and give a green light, only then we will sign the agreement, and you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee on the top of the chosen developers’ salaries.

How much time do you need to assemble a dedicated team for my project with the technologies of my choice?

Usually, we need up to 4-5 weeks to build a dedicated team. But it also depends on the availability of existing specialists, on the rarity of the required technologies, on the team size, too.

How much does it cost to hire a developer with Ameware Group?

To answer this question, we need to know the following information:
– Are you looking for a dedicated team, project-based solution, team extension?
– What seniority is looking for?
– What is the tech stack? Because, if it’s a very old and outdated, it will be more difficult to find candidates.
– What is the due date?

If you know the answers already, please contact us via “Contact us” form down below, live chat, LinkedIn, Facebook, email, or call us.

Is there going to be some kind of manager on Ameware’s side whom I could contact in case of any issues with hired engineers?

Yes, to each of our clients we assign a Client Manager, who is always happy to answer all of your questions regarding the team, its possible extension, help in case of any issues, and advice on project management best practices. Ameware’s legal and account team may assist you with payroll, taxes, and other questions related to our collaboration.

What support does Ameware provide for the developers I hired from you?

To make sure that every minute of the developers’ time on the client’s project brings value, we reduce any possible issues within the working environment. Ready-to-go virtual machines per developer, daily backups of all machines, VM tech assistance 24/7.

We support our developers’ grow by mentorship, development plan and providing them tickets on tech events online and personally.

What are the options to manage my new team?

Usually, in case of the dedicated team and the team extension, the team management comes from the client’s side. On the other hand, when it’s a project-based solution, everything is handled on Ameware Group side, including the team management. Although, we’re very flexible in this regard, and we’ll be happy to arrange it according to your preferences.

What if I’m not happy with the results provided by the Ameware developers?

It shouldn’t really the case. Because, all clients have an assigned Client Manager, who is always there to assist in any query and issue. Do not hesitate to share your concern with your Client Manager. We’ll glad to hear your feedback and improve our services, including changing some team members whom you don’t want to see there for valid reasons.


Absolutely. Many companies use our services to add missing expertise to their teams. Schedule a meeting with our tech consultant to discuss your requirements, so we could prepare a list of candidates to interview.


You came to the right place. Let us know what competence you’re looking for, and we’ll find the right people.


Agile methodology is quite popular; many of our developers have substantial experience with Agile. Make sure to mention this requirement in a meeting with our tech consultant.

I’d like to terminate the contract with Ameware Group. Is there a fee?

There is no fee. You simply need to send us one month notice.