Ameware Group provides the tech business help with a fast scale-up, ramping up our customer’s on-site teams with high-quality software engineering and industry expertise.

Ameware Group has practiced in creating custom-recruited software development teams for 300+ clients coming from a diversity of industries, as well as the most popular of them: travel & tourism, healthcare, automobile, banking & finance, logistics & transport, retail & e-commerce, media & entertainment, social media & networking, education & e-learning, ISVS & product companies, digital & marketing.

Ameware Group is a modern software development company with offices in Ireland and Ukraine

Exceeding clients’ expectations worldwide, including USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, UK, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, and Ukraine

100+ verified and vetted specialists with fluent English
11+ years in software development
125+ completed projects
logistic & transport
  • GPS tracking with Map integration
  • Warehouse management
Retail & E-commerce
  • Coupon & discount management solutions
  • E-commerce systems development
  • In-store sales analysis
  • Customer whyBlock websites
  • On-line advertising e-commerce platform (AI, Big Data analysis)
  • Omni-channel communication (SMS, email, push notification, social publishing tools)
MEDIA & Entertaiment
  • CRM development & support (Hybris, custom development)
  • Payment gateways
  • Networking applications
  • Events aggregation & scoring
  • Reviews management
social media & networking
  • SMS marketing
  • Insight and behavior analysis following trends on social media channels
  • Engagement management
Education & E-learning
  • Campus student companion applications
  • Tracking and assessment, real-time student-surveys feedback, participation data
  • Integration with school/university management systems (blackboard, canvas, peoplesoft, banner, moodle, etc.)
ISVS & product companies
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution
  • HR management
  • Accounting & Invoice automation
  • Automated loan conveyor
digital & marketing
  • User behavior tracking applications
  • Keyword, CTR, bounce rate analysis solutions
  • Website load speed analysis solutions
  • Website audit based digital solutions
Travel & Tourism
  • Flights / buses / hotels / car rental integrations
  • Booking /checking / reservations / ticketing management services
  • Payment gateway
  • Patient management
  • Patient safety surveillance monitoring
  • Management of embedded devices
  • Vehicle dealership automation
  • Automobile industry system integrations (SAP, etc)
banking and finance
  • Corporate banking and mobile banking
  • 3DS implementation
  • Payment gateways and POS-terminals
  • Cross system integration within the bank using SOA & micro-services approach
  • Automated loan processing conveyor
  • ESB/BPM integration (MuleESB, WebSphere ESB/BPM, FuseESB, etc.)

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Frequently Asked

I’m only looking for one developer. Can you help?

Absolutely. Many companies use our services to add missing expertise to their teams. Schedule a meeting with our tech consultant to discuss your requirements, so we could prepare a list of candidates to interview.

I’m planning on expanding my team to 20 people. Will you help?

You came to the right place. Let us know what competence you’re looking for, and we’ll find the right people.

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

Agile methodology is quite popular; many of our developers have substantial experience with Agile. Make sure to mention this requirement in a meeting with our tech consultant.